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Business aviation services in the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most popular tourist destinations that always brings a lot of positive emotions. Many tourists spend their vacation in the Maldives because it is a secluded island where you can enjoy several days of peace and quiet. The fastest way to get to the island nation is by plane. There are 4 international and many domestic airports in the Maldives. Business aviation is the most convenient way to fly to the Maldives. The private jet charter allows you to arrange a quick and comfortable trip both to the largest airports of Maldives and to some small islands (some of which can be reached only by seaplane or helicopter).


Maldives business aviation


Features of business aviation in Male

Business aviation is defined as the use of a general aviation airplane for a business purpose. Private airlines not only arrange convenient flight routes taking into account all customers’ requirements but also carry out maintenance of the jets and other related services and regularly check the pilots.

The Maldives is made up of 1.190 islands formed around 26 atolls. Only 200 of them are inhabited, and about 100 are assigned exclusively for tourism development. To get to Velana International Airport (even on a regular flight), you’ll have to go through a few refueling and docking stops. That is, such a flight takes a lot of time.

A private jet charter allows you to get to the resorts quickly and comfortably. Our company “Private Jets” is ready to arrange VIP flights to the international airports of the Maldives and help you choose the most profitable transfer to your destination. As an additional transport, we can offer you very light jets, helicopters, seaplanes or boats. We will build a route in such a way as to reduce the journey time between Velana Airport and resorts.

Business jet flight to Male is a very profitable option, as it allows the tourists to save time and enjoy the flight instead of looking for the best ways to get to the resorts. Our company will take care of all organizational issues, paperwork, and obtaining overflight and landing permits at the international and domestic airports of Maldives.


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Minimum price for a flight starts from 9000 €
Minimum price of 1 seat on the plane (jet sharing) starts from 7000 €

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Benefits of private jet charters

The main benefit of the private jet charter to the Maldives is huge cost savings. Regular flights from European countries to the Maldives can take a whole day (sometimes even more), while private jet travel reduces this time by at least 2 times.

Other benefits of the private jet charter include:

  • High level of service. Business aviation passengers can check-in for the flight in the VIP terminal, which allows them to arrive at the airport 15-30 minutes before departure;
  • Flexibility. Business jets can land at any airport, which means that the passengers can arrive at the airport closest to their destination;
  • Comfort. You can take your pets and baggage with you to the cabin. Business jet cabins are equipped with modern furniture and a separate kitchen. Jets intended for the long-haul flights have a relaxation zone, a bathroom with a shower, and a satellite communication;
  • Premium services. Private jet passengers are served by personal flight attendants. You can even order your favorite meals onboard. Business jets are equipped with meeting rooms;
  • Confidentiality. Unlike civil aviation, information about business aviation customers is not publicly available. Each of our passengers can be sure that information about his/her movements will not become known to third parties.


An obvious advantage of business aviation is the fact that our air brokers will help you resolve all issues related to the flight. All you need is to submit an application, choose the type of jet, and sign a contract. On the day of departure, you should arrive at the airport at the appointed time, board a jet and enjoy a few hours of comfortable flight.


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Main differences from civil aviation

Business aviation means comfort, high speed, and safety. All jets are equipped with the latest technical systems (such as cabin pressurization or noise suppression). But the most important difference from civil aviation is that passengers can choose the date and time of departure, plan a route and change it at any moment.

Regular flights are performed on a fixed schedule. They may be delayed but at the passenger’s request. Usually, the jets to the Maldives land at intermediate airports for refueling or docking. Civil aviation can offer business class flights and premium service. However, even business class passengers don’t get any special privileges:

  1. Jets can land only at the airports intended for civil aviation;
  2. Delays are not excluded;
  3. You can’t change the time of the flight;
  4. On-board service is standard.

The price of a business class ticket is almost the same as that of a private jet charter (especially in the case of Jet Sharing or Empty Legs flights). Therefore, a private jet charter is a much better option than a business class flight.


Maldives business aviation airport



Prices for flights by business aviation

The price of a private jet charter is calculated based on:

  • Type of flight. Very light jets cost about 10000 $ per hour, while the price of mid-size jets starts from 20000 $ per hour;
  • Flight range. However, short-haul flights cost almost the same as long-haul flights. This is related to the features of the use of the airspace and jets;
  • A number of passengers. Each passenger involves additional costs for meals and terminal service;
  • Duration of parking at the airport. Some customers charter a jet for one-way flights, while others rent a jet for a term of 2-3 days to several weeks. Thus, the longer the jet stays at the airport, the more you’ll have to pay for its maintenance;


The price of the charter includes additional services. “Private Jets” is ready to arrange catering and transfer, select and book accommodation and rent a yacht or a jet. You should discuss all services with the personal aviation consultant before signing the contract.


calculator to calculate the cost of a private jet flight


The price of flights is formed by many factors such as itinerary, the model of a business jet (equipment and year of production), number of passengers and crew members, number of days of jet parking at the destination point, meals aboard, VIP transfer, etc. Our task as an air broker is to take into consideration the individual wishes of the client and find the most suitable flight option at the best price. Due to large flight volumes and exclusive terms of cooperation with dozens of air companies and jet owners, as well as efficient logistics, we can offer unique flight options to our clients.

Below you can find the approximate cost of flights on the most popular routes (with departure and arrival in the Maldives). This table is for information only. Please contact the managers of the company “Private Jet” for more detailed information. The table is based on the flights from/to London, but you can request an instant quote for private flights from/to any other city.


  • London (United Kingdom) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 95000 EUR;
  • Paris (France) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 90000 EUR;
  • Moscow (Russia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 60000 EUR;
  • Kyiv (Ukraine) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 58000 EUR;
  • Almaty (Kazakhstan) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 40000 EUR;
  • Madrid (Spain) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 91000 EUR;
  • Milan (Italy) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 85000 EUR;
  • Berlin (Germany) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 89000 EUR;
  • Helsinki (Finland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 85000 EUR;
  • Glasgow (Scotland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 97000 EUR;
  • Dublin (Ireland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 96000 EUR;
  • Genève (Switzerland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 85000 EUR;
  • Riga (Latvia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 80000 EUR;
  • Warsaw (Poland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 79000 EUR;
  • Zürich (Switzerland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 83000 EUR;
  • Brussels (Belgium) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 92000 EUR;
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 93000 EUR;
  • Prague (Czechia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 85000 EUR;
  • Budapest (Hungary) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 77000 EUR;
  • Vienna (Austria) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 81000 EUR;
  • Stockholm (Sweden) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 79000 EUR;
  • Oslo (Norway) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 90000 EUR;
  • Copenhagen (Denmark) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 86000 EUR;
  • Reykjavík (Iceland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 100000 EUR;
  • Tallinn (Estonia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 84000 EUR;
  • Vilnius (Lithuania) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 76000 EUR;
  • Belgrade (Serbia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 71000 EUR;
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 85000 EUR;
  • Sofia (Bulgaria) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 58000 EUR;
  • Zagreb (Croatia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 80000 EUR;
  • Bratislava (Slovakia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 79000 EUR;
  • Podgorica (Montenegro) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 73000 EUR;
  • Luqa (Malta) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 77000 EUR;
  • Larnaca (Cyprus) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 50000 EUR;
  • Athens (Greece) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 58000 EUR;
  • Lisbon (Portugal) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 97000 EUR;
  • Ankara (Turkey) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Yerevan (Armenia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 43000 EUR;
  • Tbilisi (Georgia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 44000 EUR;
  • Baku (Azerbaijan) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 46000 EUR;
  • Delhi(India) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 19000 EUR;
  • Beijing (China) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Tokyo(Japan) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 88000 EUR;
  • Seoul (South Korea) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 53000 EUR;
  • Singapore - Male (Maldives) ~ from 22000 EUR;
  • Sydney (Australia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 101000 EUR;
  • Wellington (New Zealand) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 150000 EUR;
  • Cairo (Egypt) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 49000 EUR;
  • Tunis (Tunisia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 83000 EUR;
  • Illizi (Algeria) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 82000 EUR;
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 18000 EUR;
  • Doha (Qatar) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 21000 EUR;
  • Tel Aviv (Israel) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 47000 EUR;
  • Miami (United States) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 77000 EUR;
  • New York City (United States) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 80000 EUR;
  • Los Angeles (United States) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 79000 EUR;
  • Toronto (Canada) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 90000 EUR;
  • Mexico City (Mexico) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 91000 EUR;
  • São Paulo (Brazil) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 140000 EUR;
  • Lima (Peru) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 160000 EUR;
  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 150000 EUR;
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 170000 EUR;
  • Santiago (Chile) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 160000 EUR;
  • Bangkok (Thailand) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 20000 EUR;
  • Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 21000 EUR;


business aviation planes in the Maldives


Private jet charter cost - depending on the type

The price of a private jet charter depends on the flight hour cost, which in turn depends on the model of the jet and type of the flight:

  1. Large jet cost between 5500 and 7000 € per hour;
  2. Business jet costs about 12000 € per hour;
  3. Very light jet costs up to 3500 € per hour;
  4. Ultra-long heavy jet costs up to 7000 and 10500 € per hour;
  5. Mid-size jet costs between 3500 and 4000 € per hour.

The cheapest option is turboprop – it costs about €1000 € per hour.


Estimated cost of 1 flight hour of business jets

Heavy Jets от 5800 € / hour
Light Jets от 2500 € / hour
Ultra Long Range Jet от 12 000 € / hour
Super Mid Size Jets от 5400 € / hour
Small Jets от 2000 € / hour
Long Range Jet от 6800 € / hour
Mid Size Jets от 3600 € / hour
Turboprops от 1000 € / hour


Online calculator

You can use an online calculator on our website to calculate the approximate price of a private jet flight to the Maldives. To do this, please fill out all of the fields of the form (including the airport of departure, the date of flight, and the number of passengers). Please note that the quote will be sent to your e-mail or WhatsApp/Telegram, so we kindly ask you to indicate only real contact details. We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your data.

Keep in mind that these figures are indicative only. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the flight and help you choose the most suitable option. Price calculation and jet search services are free and don’t impose any obligations. Experts of our company are always happy to answer all your questions and consult you on business aviation issues.

y submitting the form, I consent to the processing of personal data.

Stages of flight preparation

Preparation of private flight to the Maldives involves several stages:

  • Planning. It starts with sending a request for a private jet charter. The operator of “Private Jets” picks up the most suitable business jets and settles all legal formalities;
  • Conclusion of the contract. As soon as you choose the optimal business jet, we will draw up a contract indicating the responsibilities and duties of both parties and the features of the service provided. Then follows the payment for the service;
  • Flight preparation. This stage includes takeoff and landing clearance, receiving slots, and submission of applications to the aviation services and VIP terminals;
  • Departure from the airport. Each customer is assigned a personal manager who controls all stages of flight preparation, checks in the passengers, order passes, and provides assistance in the waiting room, saving you a lot of time and trouble.


Apart from standard services, business aviation offers many additional services, such as transfer or accommodation booking. If you want to order extra services, please indicate them in your application.

How do I book a private jet flight?
  • Plane1.Private flight application
  • Plane2.Data collection
  • Plane3.Selection and coordination of details
  • Plane4.Contract conclusion, payment
  • Plane5.Flight implementation


You can book a business aviation plane through a special form below:



Main business aviation airports in the Maldives

The arrival airport is selected at the stage of application. Our consultants will help you choose it depending on your final destination. International airports receive civil and business jets from India, Sri Lanka, Asian and European countries, and the USA, while domestic airports serve domestic flights. Tourists often have to fly to the large airport first, then get to one of the domestic airports, and only after that book a transfer to the chosen resort.


business aviation airports in the Maldives


Velana International Airport

Previously known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Velana International Airport is located on Hulhule Island, nearby the capital island Male. Almost all the islands can be reached from Velana. The airport has a seaplane and a helicopter terminal.

Velana Airport has several food outlets, including “Burger King” and “The Pizza Company”, as well as a mother-and-child room, a pharmacy, duty-free shops, and a phone store. More than 60% of passengers of this airport transfer to seaplanes or helicopters to get to the resort islands. Velana International Airport has been awarded the title of “Indian ocean’s leading airport” in the “World Travel Awards” of 2018.


Gan International Airport

The airport is located on the island of Gan in Addu Atoll (in the southern part of the Maldives). It serves international flights from Sri Lanka and India, as well as domestic flights. Most tourists charter business jets from Gan in order to get to such hotels as “Shangri-la’s Villingili Resort & Spa”, “Equator Village Resort” and “Canareef Resort Maldives”.

Private jets fly to Gan Airport from Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius, and Kuala Lumpur.


the official airport of business aviation of the Maldives


Maafaru International Airport

The airport is located on Maafaru, one of the islands of the Noonu Atoll in the Maldives. It was opened in 2019 with the purpose of attracting wealthy tourists. The airport handles charter flights to India and Male, as well as the small nearby islands (Ifuru, Hanimaadhoo, and Hoarafushi).


Hanimaadhoo International Airport

Hanimaadhoo International Airport is located on the island of Hanimaadhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, about 300 km from Male. The airport handles international (from Bangladesh and India) and domestic flights. Usually, tourists fly from Hanimadhoo to the islands of Haa Alif and Haa Dhaalu atolls.


Need help?

The aviation expert will answer all your questions about business aviation and private flights. We will help you to compare and choose the best business jet for your flight.

Maldives Domestic Airports

There are 14 airports currently operating in the Maldives. The technical characteristics of the below-mentioned airports allow them to receive light business aviation jets:

  • Maamigili;
  • Kaadedhdhoo;
  • Kadhdhoo;
  • Fuvahmulah;
  • Dhaalu;
  • Thimarafushi;
  • Kooddoo;
  • Ifuru;
  • Hoarafush.


Dharavandhoo is the largest domestic airport in the Maldives. The airport serves the flights from Male, Maafaru, Hanimadhoo, and Hoarafushi.


private jet to the Maldives


Types of flights

Our company “Private Jets” usually organizes tourist flights to the Maldives. We can pick up a suitable business jet for both individual flights and travels with families, friends, or colleagues. “Private Jets” cooperates with travel agencies and arranges comfortable flights to the Maldives for tourist groups.

We are also ready to provide business jets for:

  • Business travels;
  • VIP flights for celebrities, politicians, and show business stars;
  • Transportation of valuable and expensive equipment;
  • Evacuation and medical flights.


If you’re traveling on a private jet, you can take your pets, diving equipment, guitar, etc. with you in the cabin, because we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.


online private jet directory


Types of jets used in business aviation

Business aviation fleet includes thousands of business jets, which can be divided into several types:

  • Very Light Jets. These are ultra-small jets that can accommodate up to 5 people and cover a distance of 2.000 km. Their main advantage is that they can take off and land on short runways;
  • Light Jets. Light Jets can fly up to 2.500 km without refueling and accommodate up to 8 passengers;
  • Mid Size Jets. These jets have the same seating capacity as Light Jets. However, they can travel long distances, so they are often used for international flights;
  • Heavy Jets. The first type of transatlantic flight. Heavy jets accommodate up to 18-20 passengers. All cabins are spacious and individually designed. Such jets are suitable for intercontinental flights;
  • Ultra Long Range Heavy Jets. Long-haul business jets can cover over 10.000 km without refueling. The jets accommodate over 20 passengers and have spacious cabins equipped with a separate sleeping area, kitchen and shower;


Business jets can be individually designed for private persons. These elite jets are equipped in the same manner as five-star hotels and have first-class service.


Flight to Male' by private jet


Top 60 most popular aircraft in business aviation:

  • Embraer Lineage 1000
  • Embraer Lineage 1000E
  • Boeing BBJ
  • Airbus ACJ320 Prestige
  • Boeing BBJ MAX 9
  • Embraer Legacy 600
  • Embraer Legacy 650
  • Dassault Falcon 6X
  • Dassault Falcon 7X
  • Dassault Falcon 8X
  • Dassault Falcon 900LX
  • Dassault Falcon 10X
  • Bombardier Global 6000
  • Bombardier Global Express
  • Bombardier Global Express XRS
  • Bombardier Global 5000
  • Bombardier Global 5500
  • Bombardier Global 6500
  • Bombardier Global 7000
  • Bombardier Global 7500
  • Bombardier Global 8000
  • Gulfstream G450
  • Gulfstream G500
  • Gulfstream G700
  • Gulfstream G650
  • Gulfstream G600
  • Gulfstream G550
  • Gulfstream G650ER
  • Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty
  • Avro Business Jet
  • Bombardier Challenger 600
  • Bombardier Challenger 601
  • Bombardier Challenger 604
  • Bombardier Challenger 605
  • Bombardier Challenger 650
  • Bombardier Challenger 800
  • Bombardier Challenger 850
  • Dassault Falcon 2000
  • Dassault Falcon 2000DX
  • Dassault Falcon 2000EX
  • Dassault Falcon 2000LX
  • Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
  • Dassault Falcon 2000S
  • Dassault Falcon 900B
  • Dassault Falcon 900C
  • Dassault Falcon 900DX
  • Dassault Falcon 900EX
  • Dassault Falcon 900LX
  • Embraer Legacy 600
  • Embraer Legacy 650
  • Embraer Legacy 650E
  • Gulfstream G350
  • Gulfstream G450
  • Gulfstream III
  • Gulfstream IV
  • Gulfstream IV SP
  • Sukhoi Business Jet
  • Embraer Praetor 600
  • Cessna Citation Longitude
  • Cessna 850 Citation Columbus


All the above-mentioned models are suitable for the flight on the route “London - Male – London”. However, their main drawback is the high price. Therefore, we are also ready to arrange flights on medium jets. Our aviation consultant will give you more detailed information on the flight (with the calculation of price, flight time, and the number of refueling stops). You can review a full catalog of business jets right on this site.


flight by business jet to Male


Additional business aviation services

The popularity of “Private Jets” as a business aviation company is growing steadily, which is confirmed by an increasing number of new private jet customers. We ensure full compliance with all clauses of the agreement and offer our clients the following additional services:

  1. Transfer to the airport and your vacation spot in the Maldives;
  2. Booking of hotels, bungalows, and villas;
  3. Possibility of ordering individual meals on board;
  4. Order of tickets for the entertainment activities and concerts.

We are doing our best to make your vacation perfect.


business jet rental


Company office in Maldives


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Opening hours: Daily from 07:00 to 23:30

The scheme of access to the office on the map:



Our office is located at the Maldives airport. We ask you to coordinate the time of your visit in advance, so that we have time to prepare all the necessary documents for the pass. There may be changes in office hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please check with the managers.


Company office in Switzerland


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Need help?

The aviation expert will answer all your questions about business aviation and private flights. We will help you to compare and choose the best business jet for your flight.