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Your Rights as an Airline Passenger

What happens if a flight is cancelled or delayed?

What happens if your boarding is delayed?

What kind of compensation can you expect if your luggage is delayed / if an airline loses your suitcase?

Unpredicted circumstances can happen in any flight but it is our duty to know our rights as an airline passenger.



f your reservation is confirmed and you carry a ticket, you are eligible to travel on the flight at the specified day, date and time. If you don't show up or fail to cancel a reservation then the airline has the right to mark your reservation as no show and the airline can cancel any continuing or return reservations.


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The refund rules vary from airline to airline but there are a few general rules common to all, namely:

If you need to cancel a ticket purchased as a nonrefundable fare, you may be able to apply the fare you paid toward a future flight. Change or cancellation fees will apply.

If you need to cancel a refundable ticket purchased by credit card, your refund will be issued as a credit on the same card you used to make the purchase.

If you purchased your ticket with a personal cheque, you will usually receive your refund through the mail.

Tickets paid for with cash can generally be refunded immediately by the airlines or travel agency.


Check In Times

Being on time is very important.

If you have not checked in for your flight in time then the airline has the authority to cancel your reservation and also your seat can be given to another passenger, regardless of whether you have an advance boarding pass or an advance seat assignment.

The same rule holds true for your baggage.

It is always advisable to arrive 2 hours before your departure time. If you are flying internationally or during the holidays, you may need to arrive even earlier. Also be aware that there could be traffic on the roads to and from the airport.



Adults are asked to provide photo identification at the time of check in and boarding. There is no need for minors (under 18) to provide identification for domestic travel. You also may be subject to a physical or electronic search at the airport. If you don't want to be searched, you will be denied boarding and may lose the money you paid for your ticket.


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There is no compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. However, you need to contact your airline for specific details.

Cancelled flights

Mostly for cancelled flights the airlines will book you on the next available flight.


If your plane is delayed, the airline may pay for meals/ phone call.

Some airlines do not provide amenities if the delay is caused by bad weather or other conditions beyond their control.



Bags delayed

If your bags are delayed then the airline may agree to pay "reasonable" expenses until the luggage is found.

Bags lost

If your lost bags are not found then you can file a claim for compensation. You should contact the respective airline for more specific information.


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Airline Rights

If there are adverse conditions on the ground (such as bad weather) the airline may refund your ticket even if it is a nonrefundable ticket, but won't be responsible for any inconvenience it may have caused you.

The airlines have the right to refuse to allow you to board the aircraft in the following cases:

  • Refusal to be searched for explosives or concealed weapons.
  • Refusal to provide positive identification.
  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Barefoot or unable to sit in seat with seat belt fastened.


Special Needs Passengers

Airlines must also provide the following services free of charge (in addition to some others). Relevant medical records will be essential.

  • Help getting on and off planes and making connections.
  • "Timely access" to information on gate assignments, security and other publicly announced information.
  • Access to the plane's cabin for any necessary service.


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