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Festivals and Events

Festivals and Events in Maldives reflect the rich and varied cultural heritage of the land. These festivals and events are an integral part of the Culture of Maldives. Maldives celebrate various festivals and events with great joy and enthusiasm. This island nation on the Indian Ocean is populated by people of all types. Originally, Maldives was inhabited by Buddhists but later on in 1153, Islam was introduced in this nation. The diverse culture of the Maldives Island has a source in Sri Lanka and in the Southern India. The colorful and the fun filled Festivals and Events in Maldives are observed all over the land with great pomp and glory.

Maldives celebrate various Festivals and Events in Maldives. The Eid Festival is an important festivals observed by the Muslims in Maldives. It is an important event for the people and they follow some customs related to the festival. An official procession is taken out on this festival. Various games are arranged and musical performances are also held on the island. The entire island gets the festive mood and they wear new clothes to celebrate this auspicious day.

Another important Maldives Festivals and Events include the Independence Day. To celebrate their independence, Maldives arrange various processions and functions. The school children and the National Security Services hold parade on the 26th of July, the day which is celebrated as the Independence Day of Maldives. To commemorate the death of Sultan Ali 6th, the people of Maldives celebrate the Martyr Day on 1 Shauban according to the Islamic calendar. 1 Rabeeul Awwal is celebrated by the Maldives people as the National Day.


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The various Festivals of Maldives are celebrated with equal importance and joy. They celebrate several other festivals like Huravee Day, Prophet Muhammad Birthday, Republic Day, Victory Day, Christmas and New Year to mention some of them. Whether it is religious festival, social festival or national festival, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

To observe these days, Maldives declare public holidays on these days. These celebrations add color and joy to the lives of the people. People from all strata of the society take part in these Festivals and Events in Maldives and enjoy to the fullest.

The people of Maldives celebrate a number of events throughout the year. From religious events to cultural events, Maldives events are wide ranging and infested with the cultural and social features of the island. The events are adorned with the color of the seasons and the spirit of the Maldivian.

Maldives events represent the culture and the traditional heritage of the country.

Maldives serves as the venue for a number of cultural events. Almost all the events in Maldives are religious in Nature that is celebrated according to the Islamic calendar that is based on the lunar cycles. The chief event of Maldives is Ramadan. A religious event, it is the month of fasting for the Muslims which is followed by a grand feast.


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Other religious Maldives events are Kuda Eid and Prophet's birthday. One of the major events of Maldives is the Huravee day. This day commemorates the great rebel Sultan Hassan Izzudin who freed Maldives from the control of the South Indians. Another big event is the National Day that marked the end of the Portuguese control over Maldives. Victoria Day highlights the victory of the Maldivian over the terrorists who assaulted the country in 1998.

Besides these events, there is the Independence Day and the Republic day that are also significant Maldivian events. Parades, cultural and musical programs are the key features of these events. Marty's Day is another chief event in Maldives. Also important is the Circumcision ceremony. During this ceremony people illuminate their houses with various kinds of lights and also play pleasant and jolly music. Other events include World Food Day, Fisherman's Day etc.

With the people lighting their homes and feasting and coming together to indulge in the mood of the seasons, the Maldives events are celebrated with gaiety and grandeur.


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