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Jet Sharing flights to Male

Using such a business aviation service as Jet Sharing, you can save on private jet charter to the Maldives without sacrificing the quality of service. You can travel on a comfortable jet with a limited number of passengers at a very affordable price. The popularity of Jet Sharing is growing constantly. Therefore, almost all private airlines are ready to offer this service to their customers. Jet Sharing has its own characteristics and specificities. Knowing them, you can understand whether this option is right for you.


Jet Sharing in the Maldives


What is Jet Sharing?

Jet Sharing is a joint rental of a business jet with other passengers. That is, you can buy one or several seats on a specific flight. This service allows you to save 50-90% on the entire plane rental. The more seats are sold, the less you will pay for the flight.

Despite the lower price of the flight, Jet Sharing passengers can enjoy all benefits of business aviation:

  1. Check-in in the VIP terminals;
  2. High level of comfort in the cabin;
  3. Possibility of ordering meals from your favorite restaurants;
  4. Traveling with pets on board (if other passengers agree);
  5. Inflight entertainments (Wi-Fi and TV);
  6. Individual approach to each client;
  7. No baggage restrictions.

The Maldives is a popular vacation destination, regardless of the season. Therefore, we operate regular Jet Sharing flights to the islands. This service is popular with families with children and older relatives, groups of friends, and romantic couples. Jet Sharing flight to the Maldives is a perfect option for working trips and business meetings.

Jets used in Jet Sharing are operated by highly qualified crew. You can arrive at the airport 15-30 minutes before departure. Your personal aviation consultant will help you solve all your problems.


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Minimum price for a flight starts from 9000 €
Minimum price of 1 seat on the plane (jet sharing) starts from 7000 €

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Jet Sharing: service options

Passengers like Jet Sharing for its flexibility and affordability. Flights are formed on the basis of the customers’ requests. Since the Maldives is one of the most popular flight destinations, we recommend you book the seats in advance.

Jet Sharing is available in three options:

  • Classic seat book. Usually, the flight is carried out when the board is full (in most cases, three applications are enough);
  • Deals. One passenger books the whole board, and then the air broker sells the tickets for free seats on his/her behalf. This way, each passenger can save up to 90% on the private jet charter;
  • Shuttles. Jet Sharing flights always happen on schedule. The jets fly to the most popular destinations (including the Maldives).


Jet Sharing has become especially popular since the beginning of the pandemic because flights in spacious cabins with a small number of passengers are less dangerous than regular flights. At the same time, private airlines always carefully prepare the board for departure. Pre-flight preparation includes disinfection of air and all surfaces.


Jet Sharing


Jet Sharing Flight Prices and Schedule

  • Moscow (Russia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 9900 EUR;
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 9500 EUR;
  • London (United Kingdom) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 11000 EUR;
  • Nice (France) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 12000 EUR;
  • Geneve (Switzerland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 11000 EUR;
  • Genoa (Italy) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 9900 EUR;


The current schedule of Jet Sharing flights can be found in the managers of the company. In case of absence of the desired flight, we will try to find you a suitable Empty Legs flight to Maldives.

The fare includes: one baggage piece up to 25kg, premium service on board and snacks, fast check-in and VIP boarding. Additional paid service: - additional baggage piece. You can book a private jet flight through the special form below. Our specialists will contact you, quickly make a cost calculation and answer all your questions.




Online calculator

You can use an online calculator on our website to calculate the approximate price of a private jet flight to the Maldives. To do this, please fill out all of the fields of the form (including the airport of departure, the date of flight, and the number of passengers). Please note that the quote will be sent to your e-mail or WhatsApp/Telegram, so we kindly ask you to indicate only real contact details. We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your data.

Keep in mind that these figures are indicative only. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the flight and help you choose the most suitable option. Price calculation and jet search services are free and don’t impose any obligations. Experts of our company are always happy to answer all your questions and consult you on business aviation issues.

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Comparison with business class flights

The price of a Jet Sharing flight is comparable with the cost of a business class flight ticket. However, there are many differences between these types of flight:

  • Business-class passengers can count only on the standard service provided by the airline, while business jet offers personalized service;
  • Jet Sharing passengers pass the check-in procedure at a separate terminal, which reduces the time of registration to 15-20 minutes;
  • Jets used in business aviation have better flight performance and maintenance levels. This has a direct impact on flight safety – business jets rarely appear in accident reports;
  • Business aviation clients can choose the service level themselves;
  • There are no strict baggage restrictions.


If you want to use the Jet Sharing service, you’ll have to be flexible. However, as we have mentioned, the flights to the most popular destinations take place on the appointed date. You can easily buy a seat on such a jet.


private jet cabin


Benefits of Jet Sharing in comparison with private jet charter

The main benefits of the private jet charter are mobility, time savings, confidentiality, and comfortable flight conditions. By choosing such a service, the passengers can get to their destination comfortably and quickly, because such jets fly without stops. The tourists enjoy the first-class service, delicious food and drinks, and comfortable armchairs and sofas.

All the above applies to Jet Sharing, except that you won’t have to pay the cost of a full charter. You can buy as many seats as you want. Thus, the more seats are sold, the more you will save on the flight. We usually send large jets to the Maldives, as this destination is always popular with tourists.


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How to find a Jet Sharing flight to the Maldives?

First, you need to choose the air broker providing such a service. Don’t trust dubious companies that offer too cheap services and require prepayment.

“Private Jets” is an aviation broker that concludes official contracts with its clients. We guarantee our clients full compliance with the contract terms. You can find the next flights to the Maldives on our website in the section “Schedule”. The list of flights is updated regularly (we may add up to 10 business jets departing from major international airports per day). Our company also arranges Jet Sharing flights. If you can’t find a suitable flight, you can contact our manager who will be happy to help you with this. You can leave a request, and our consultants will contact you as soon as the desired jet will be available. Our company also arranges group flights to the Maldives.


Need help?

The aviation expert will answer all your questions about business aviation and private flights. We will help you to compare and choose the best business jet for your flight.

Other offers of Private Jets

Private Jet Sharing is an additional service provided by our company. It is aimed at the organization of corporate and private flights around the world. We always adjust to the schedule and route, convenient for our customers. Corporate flights are especially popular with the heads of large corporations who want to send their staff on business trips, seminars, or collective vacations.

Our company also arrange the following types of flights:

  • Business flights. Such jets look like offices. They are equipped with satellite communication, working and rest areas, as well any office equipment you may need;
  • Medical and evacuation flights. We can quickly arrange a medical flight to transport sick or injured patients to a facility in another city or country;
  • Freight flights. This type of flight is designed for transporting valuable equipment to remote locations;
  • VIP charters. Flights for media persons, politicians, and show business stars. Such passengers especially appreciate a high level of service and anonymity;
  • Leisure flights. This type of flight allows you to enjoy beautiful views from a birds-eye perspective.


We also arrange Empty Legs flights to the Maldives. Empty Legs are return flights that usually cost 30-70% cheaper than renting a business jet in standard mode.

How do I book a private jet flight?
  • Plane1.Private flight application
  • Plane2.Data collection
  • Plane3.Selection and coordination of details
  • Plane4.Contract conclusion, payment
  • Plane5.Flight implementation

Jet Sharing vs Empty Legs: the main differences

Jet Sharing and Empty Legs are the most economical ways to charter a business jet. Empty legs are also referred to as ferry flights or return flights. These are flights that are scheduled to fly without any passengers. Air brokers sell tickets for such flights on a regular basis. If you manage to book a seat on such a flight, you will fly alone in a comfortable cabin with personalized service at a very good price.

What differs Empty Legs from Jet Sharing is that the return flight can’t be canceled (while the Jet Sharing flight will take place only if the flight will be full).


Comparison of Jet Sharing and Empty Legs


The price of private jet charter vs the price of Jet Sharing flight

Private jet charter costs €2.000 to €9.000 per hour. The higher the class of the jet, the more expensive the flight. The final price of the jet charter depends on the staff salaries, type of jet, air navigation charges, and airport fees. The customer will have to pay the full price of the charter.

If you choose Jet Sharing, the final cost will be the same. However, it will be divided between all passengers who purchased a seat for this flight. In this case, you can save up to 90 % on the price of your private jet flight (for example, if the flight costs €90.000, one seat may cost €9000). Of course, it is possible only if the flight is fully booked, and the jet itself is spacious.


flight by business jet to Male


Business aviation airports in the Maldives

There are 4 major international airports in the Maldives: Velana (located nearby the capital island Male), Gan, Maamigili, and Maafaru. These airports are located on the largest islands of the Maldives, from which you can easily get to the resorts. Atoll airports are located on small islands. They can receive seaplanes or light jets that don’t need much space for landing.

“Private Jets” arranges multi-destination flights to the Maldives on business jets, seaplanes, helicopters, or boats. We build the flight route so that our passengers can get to their destination quickly and comfortably.


COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination

Unfortunately, not all countries and destinations are currently open to visit the Maldives. However, we are always ready to advise you on all your options. Specify the desired country and what documents you have and our experts will advise you on your options for visiting the Maldives.



Need help?

The aviation expert will answer all your questions about business aviation and private flights. We will help you to compare and choose the best business jet for your flight.