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Empty Legs flights to the Maldives

“Private Jet” company is ready to arrange any type of flight to the Maldives on comfortable, safe and maneuverable business jets. We help our clients choose the flights that meet their budget and service requirements. The most popular type of flight to the Maldives is Empty Legs. By booking such a flight, the customer can save up to 70 % on a private jet charter.


Empty Legs flights


What is Empty legs?

Empty Legs flights are return or technical flights. Most business jets return to their home base empty. Air companies sell these flights at a significant discount. The number of passengers on such flights is limited only by the passenger capacity.

Empty Leg flights offer the same benefits as private jet charters:

  1. Check-in in the VIP terminal;
  2. Waiting for departure at the VIP lounge;
  3. Possibility of ordering a special meal;
  4. Traveling with in-cabin pets;
  5. Private cabin service.

Our company also provides additional services, such as airport transfer, hotel booking or helicopter/yacht charter.


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Minimum price for a flight starts from 9000 €
Minimum price of 1 seat on the plane (jet sharing) starts from 7000 €

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Empty legs vs private jet charter

The main difference between these flight types is their price. Empty Legs flight will cost you at least 1.5-2 times less than a private jet charter. However, there are a few more minor differences:

  • Chartering a private jet, the passenger can choose the date and time of departure. However, in the case of Empty Legs, there is a clear time frame for flight;
  • It is difficult to predict the date of return of the jet, as the main renter can change the charter conditions. Therefore, we recommend you to use Empty Legs only if the exact date of the flight is known and the delays are excluded;
  • Empty Legs jets fly to a specific airport. Therefore, it is always impossible to change the schedule of their flight.


Despite some shortcomings, Empty Legs allows you to fly alone (or with several passengers) in a spacious cabin, which is especially important today, as it minimizes the risk of catching dangerous infections.


Private jet rental to the Maldives


Empty Legs Flight Schedule

Below you can find the prices for the next Empty Legs return flights. Please contact our managers for more information about flight models, dates and prices.


Flight route Price, per plane
Male — Lyon 63 000 EUR
Brussel — Male 57 000 EUR
Strasbourg — Male 41 000 EUR
Male — Vienna 44 000 EUR
Male — Hamburg 53 000 EUR
Male — Dubai 34 000 EUR
Male — Moscow 43 000 EUR
Ljubljana — Male 51 000 EUR
Mumbai — Male 18 000 EUR
Male — Duesseldorf 47 000 EUR
Kyiv — Male 53 000 EUR
London — Male 51 500 EUR
Male — Colombo 13 000 EUR


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Empty Legs flight costs

The price of flights is formed by many factors such as itinerary, the model of a business jet (equipment and year of production), number of passengers and crew members, number of days of jet parking at the destination point, meals aboard, VIP transfer, etc. Our task as an air broker is to take into consideration the individual wishes of the client and find the most suitable flight option at the best price. Due to large flight volumes and exclusive terms of cooperation with dozens of air companies and jet owners, as well as efficient logistics, we can offer unique flight options to our clients.


calculator to calculate the cost of a private jet flight


Below you can find example prices for Empty Legs flights to and from the most popular destinations (outbound and inbound to Maldives). This table is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a final offer. For more information and search for Empty Legs flights - please contact managers of "Private Jet".


  • London (United Kingdom) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 53000 EUR;
  • Paris (France) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 61000 EUR;
  • Madrid (Spain) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 55000 EUR;
  • Milan (Italy) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 49000 EUR;
  • Berlin (Germany) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 48000 EUR;
  • Helsinki (Finland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 61000 EUR;
  • Vienna (Austria) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 46000 EUR;
  • Stockholm (Sweden) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 50000 EUR;
  • Oslo (Norway) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 52000 EUR;
  • Copenhagen (Denmark) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Reykjavik (Iceland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 62000 EUR;
  • Tallinn (Estonia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 49000 EUR;
  • Vilnius (Lithuania) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Glasgow (Scotland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 59000 EUR;
  • Dublin (Ireland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 61000 EUR;
  • Geneve (Switzerland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 49000 EUR;
  • Riga (Latvia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Warsaw (Poland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 48000 EUR;
  • Moscow (Russia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 46000 EUR;
  • Kyiv (Ukraine) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 42000 EUR;
  • Almaty (Kazakhstan) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 32000 EUR;
  • Zurich (Switzerland) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 55000 EUR;
  • Brussels (Belgium) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 49000 EUR;
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Prague (Czechia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 54000 EUR;
  • Budapest (Hungary) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 49000 EUR;
  • Belgrade (Serbia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 46000 EUR;
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 50000 EUR;
  • Sofia (Bulgaria) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 39000 EUR;
  • Zagreb (Croatia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 47000 EUR;
  • Bratislava (Slovakia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 48000 EUR;
  • Podgorica (Montenegro) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Luqa (Malta) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 43000 EUR;
  • Larnaca (Cyprus) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 33000 EUR;
  • Athens (Greece) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 38000 EUR;
  • Lisbon (Portugal) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Ankara (Turkey) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 38000 EUR;
  • Yerevan (Armenia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 29000 EUR;
  • Tbilisi (Georgia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 30000 EUR;
  • Baku (Azerbaijan) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 28000 EUR;
  • Delhi(India) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 11000 EUR;
  • Beijing (China) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 41000 EUR;
  • Tokyo(Japan) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 53000 EUR;
  • Seoul (South Korea) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 39000 EUR;
  • Singapore - Male (Maldives) ~ from 15000 EUR;
  • Sydney (Australia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 71000 EUR;
  • Wellington (New Zealand) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 83000 EUR;
  • Cairo (Egypt) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 28000 EUR;
  • Tunis (Tunisia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 51000 EUR;
  • Illizi (Algeria) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 49000 EUR;
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 14000 EUR;
  • Doha (Qatar) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 16000 EUR;
  • Tel Aviv (Israel) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 31000 EUR;
  • Miami (United States) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 55000 EUR;
  • New York City (United States) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 59000 EUR;
  • Los Angeles (United States) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 63000 EUR;
  • Toronto (Canada) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 57000 EUR;
  • Mexico City (Mexico) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 63000 EUR;
  • Sao Paulo (Brazil) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 75000 EUR;
  • Lima (Peru) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 82000 EUR;
  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 79000 EUR;
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 85000 EUR;
  • Santiago (Chile) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 80000 EUR;
  • Bangkok (Thailand) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 14000 EUR;
  • Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Male (Maldives) ~ from 16000 EUR;


business aviation planes in the Maldives



Estimated cost of 1 flight hour of business jets

Heavy Jets от 5800 € / hour
Light Jets от 2500 € / hour
Ultra Long Range Jet от 12 000 € / hour
Super Mid Size Jets от 5400 € / hour
Small Jets от 2000 € / hour
Long Range Jet от 6800 € / hour
Mid Size Jets от 3600 € / hour
Turboprops от 1000 € / hour


Online calculator

You can use an online calculator on our website to calculate the approximate price of a private jet flight to the Maldives. To do this, please fill out all of the fields of the form (including the airport of departure, the date of flight, and the number of passengers). Please note that the quote will be sent to your e-mail or WhatsApp/Telegram, so we kindly ask you to indicate only real contact details. We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your data.

Keep in mind that these figures are indicative only. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the flight and help you choose the most suitable option. Price calculation and jet search services are free and don’t impose any obligations. Experts of our company are always happy to answer all your questions and consult you on business aviation issues.

y submitting the form, I consent to the processing of personal data.

How to book an Empty Legs flight?

If you want to book a seat on an Empty Leg jet, departing from the nearest airport at a suitable date and landing as close as possible to your final destination in the Maldives, you should contact an air broker. The flight is arranged in several stages:

  • The manager checks all flights available at the time of the application, picks several suitable options, and sends the client an offer;
  • After choosing the jet, the customer sends all necessary documents by mail and indicates the need for additional services;
  • The air broker prepares a contract, pays airport fees, and prepares a jet for the flight. The customer pays for the Empty Legs flight.


And now, all you need is to arrive at the airport at the appointed time, pass the fast check-in, board your jet and enjoy a few hours of flight in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Empty Legs is a very popular service, and not only with the tourists, but also with the businessmen, politicians, and wealthy citizens who know that the level of service onboard will meet their demands.



Factors affecting the price of Empty legs flights

The price of a private jet charter is calculated based on all expenses, salaries of the flight crew and managers, and time of jet parking. Airlines usually set a fixed price for Empty Legs flights. It depends on the type of the jet, cabin equipment, flight range, and popularity of the destination.

Empty Legs allows the air companies to cover the costs involved in the organization of technical and return flights. These flights are quite affordable, as the airlines usually use this service to attract new clients.


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Empty legs vs Jet Sharing

The seat-chairlift of a private jet (Jet Sharing) allows you to buy the desired number of seats on the private flight, which is similar to buying tickets for regular flights. Jet Sharing flight will take place only if a certain number of seats is booked. If this doesn’t happen, the air broker can cancel the flight.

Empty Legs is a bit more expensive than Jet Sharing, as the tariff is set by the airline. However, return flights take place even with one passenger.


jet sharing


Can I choose the date of the Empty legs flight?

Return or technical flight is planned in advance. There is no strict time frame for such flights. The jet takes off if there is a free slot. If the passenger on the Empty Legs flight needs to depart at a particular time, our employees can postpone the flight for the time convenient for him/her.


Need help?

The aviation expert will answer all your questions about business aviation and private flights. We will help you to compare and choose the best business jet for your flight.

Documents required for a flight

The package of required documents depends on the laws of the state. Of course, all countries require a foreign passport. Visas are not required of EU citizens for stays of up to 30 days.

In a number of countries, coronavirus-related measures are still in place. Therefore, many international airports require a PCR test completed no later than 72 hours before boarding a plane.

“Private Jets” consultants will send you a complete list of documents that you should take on board. If necessary, the company’s lawyers will help you collect all necessary documents.


Empty Legs private jet flight


Where and how to find Empty legs flights?

Private jet companies publish the schedule of their flights (including return and ferry flights) on their website, and “Private Jets” is no exception. To find a suitable Empty Legs flight, you should enter the section “Schedule” and check the current offers. The catalog of flights is constantly updated, so we recommend you to visit our website a few times a day.

If you don’t want to hunt for Empty Legs flight all day long, you can contact our manager who will help you find a suitable business jet and resolve all issues related to the organization of the flight and additional services.


private jet cabin


What if I can’t find any return flights to the Maldives?

The Maldives attracts tens of thousands of tourists. Many of them prefer traveling to/from the resort islands on private jets. Therefore, there are many return flights to the Maldives. During the peak tourist season, it is easy to find an Empty legs flight (especially if you’re flexible). However, if you can’t find a suitable option, our company will be happy to offer you a multi-destination flight. For example, our customers can fly to India or Sri Lanka, and then take a jet to the islands. Our company arranges Jet Sharing flights to the Maldives for a group of tourists or passengers flying to the same airport in the same timeframe.


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Payment and return policy

You can pay for the services of “Private Jets” in any convenient way: by transfer to our account, by invoice, by cash, or by cryptocurrency. We are always ready to meet our customers halfway and offer them the most convenient payment option. Our company guarantees full confidentiality of your data.

The return policy is clearly indicated in the contract. If the flight is canceled at the request of the passenger, we will do our best to minimize the fine. But if our company fails to comply with the contract requirements, the client will get a full refund.


private jet payment


Our team

The team of “Private Jet” consists of experienced business aviation consultants. We guarantee attentiveness, responsibility, professionalism, and the ability to successfully perform even the most unusual tasks. Each customer is assigned a personal aviation consultant who can be contacted 24/7 if you have any questions or problems. We value our reputation in the market. Therefore, we always try to fulfill all wishes of our customers.


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Leading experts:


The staff of “Private Jets” speaks many languages, including English, Russian, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Usually, we provide the necessary documents in English. Please note that you can contact our management 24/7. We can successfully perform even the most unusual tasks. After all, the main goal of our company is to make our clients feel safe and comfortable during the flight.


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The aviation expert will answer all your questions about business aviation and private flights. We will help you to compare and choose the best business jet for your flight.